Aardbeien Vlaflip

1 blikje aardbeien op lichte siroop (410 g)
1/2 liter vanillevla zachter van smaak (pak ŗ 1 liter)
1/2 liter magere aardbeienyoghurt
2 eetlepels chocoladevlokken
hoge glazen
Aardbeien afgieten en 8 eetlepels siroop opvangen.
In vier hoge glazen achtereenvolgens vla, aardbeien,
laag yoghurt en siroop schenken. Garneren met chocoladevlokken.

Yoghurt-flip met bitterkoekjes

8 bitterkoekjes (zak a 300 g)
4 eetlepels bosvruchtenjam
500 ml milde yoghurt bosvruchten (Biologisch, 500 g)
hoge glazen
Koekjes grof verkruimelen.
Jam over vier glazen verdelen.
Laagjes van yoghurt en bosvruchtenyoghurt in glazen scheppen.
Halverwege laagje van helft van koekjes maken.
Aan eind rest van koekjes over yoghurt strooien.
Met lange lepels serveren.

Recensie van het boek Dutch Delight: typical Dutch food.
Find your way in to the Dutch soul and get to know the Dutch through their food. Learn what they eat and drink, graze through their eating habits and recipes, and when you're done, try them. Enjoy Dutch delights as haring or the internationally admired Dutch pils. And travel from old fashioned customs as rusk with mice to the hypermodern junkfood from the wall. With recipes of typical Dutch food, from stamppot and pannenkoeken to vlaflip. Easy to digest and tastefully illustrated with over 250 mouthwatering pictures, this book forms a thorough introduction to the typical Dutch kitchen, as well as a great souvenir.